Custom Tool Manufacturing

We manufacture cutting tools specifically designed for you and your needs. Cutting tools can come in many different shapes and sizes, but you can also have the same tool with many different geometrical features, including hook, helix, and clearance angles. What separates us from any other tool manufacturer, is that we will find the best combination of geometrical features that works for you and your machinery and continue to make those combinations over and over again.

When programmers look into catalogs they are limited to information that may not be applicable to their equipment. We are not a catalog company. Cause let's face it, not all customers run the same equipment, material, or coolant. Therefore, give us the opportunity to tailor tools to your specific needs. 

High Speed Machining

Rapid material removal translates into cubic inch removal rates. As programmers develop their experience in this realm, we provide a vast array of drills and end mills relative to the spindle speed and power available. If you cut titanium we have 10 flute carbide end mills running 75"/min.

For aluminum the high performance style of a carbide end mill requires radius modifications relative to your equipment. This will maximize removal rates and reduce bench time. Please give us a call.