All of our cutting tools are manufactured to the highest level of quality available on CNC grinders. Along with our vast capabilities for producing carbide rotary tools and form tools, we also have a dedicated tool and cutter grinding facility to sharpen and recondition previous customers tools.

We are not only experts in carbide specialties, we have a vast knowledge in high speed machining. If you have machinery that is capable of running 6K-40K rpm and 25-100hp, we are excited to know more about you. For high speed material removal, please contact us at the information above.


Endmills and High Performance Endmills

Our endmills can be produced using a variety of custom options.  Trying to find a catalog tool from another supplier, but they don't offer the kind of radius or length of cut you want? Come to us; we'll make that same tool any way you want it. Our high performance endmills include our line of HSM (High Speed Machining) endmills specifically designed for those who want to plow through aluminum. Our variator endmills are designed to hold up in the cut of hard materials.


High Performance Drills

Our high performance drills are at the cutting edge of perfection. Our standard tolerances on these drills are +.000 -.0005 and are featured in any size and on any shank size. Our H-Drill line come in a 3 flute design and are ideal for high speed drilling in aluminum. They are also configured to cut titanium and stacked materials as well. Our Dreamer line feature a double margined drill design that offers a 1-2 punch for drilling and reaming all in one shot. These are high performance drills made especially for hardened steels. We also offer all of our drills in coolant through capabilities.


Form Tools

Our form tools are done using ANCA's profile grind software. This means one continuous grind along the desired form, ensuring perfect blend points. The goal is to cut the exact form you want, not something that looks like sections of it. We pride ourselves in the specialty tooling we are capable of. Call us today and let us quote your most bizarre looking tool in the crib.